The use of home detoxification enables health care workers to avoid episodes of in-patient care, with its inherent high costs and secondary problems of label attachment and possible stigmatization. Patients, their carers (professional, voluntary and domestic), families and friends all involved in this 'at-home' process, thereby leading to empowerment and increased compliance. This book provides practical advice and guidance. If all the procedures here are followed, the care worker of whatever discipline is unlikely to encounter major difficulties. "Alcohol Home Detoxification and Assessment" provides the kind of model increasingly required for the move towards community care of people with a whole range of conditions, and will enable professionals to organize the process with confidence.

part I|8 pages


part II|40 pages

Evidence-based Medicine

chapter 2|2 pages

Evidence-based medicine

chapter 3|4 pages

The history of evidence-based medicine

chapter 5|4 pages

The effects of evidence-based medicine

chapter 7|10 pages

Concerns about evidence-based medicine

part III|28 pages

Cost-effectiveness in Medicine

part IV|10 pages


chapter 12|8 pages

So what matters, cost or benefit?