Junior hospital psychiatrists, general practitioners and medical students will find this book a valuable study aid, as will psychiatric nurses, psychiatric social workers, psychiatric occupational therapists and clinical psychologists.

chapter |1 pages


chapter 2|4 pages

The symptoms and signs of mental illness

chapter 3|4 pages

Personality disorders

chapter 4|26 pages

Anxiety disorders

chapter 5|3 pages

Dissociative (conversion) disorders

chapter 6|2 pages

Hypochondriacal disorders

chapter 7|4 pages

Delusional disorders

chapter 8|34 pages

Affective disorders

chapter 1|23 pages


chapter 10|9 pages

Organic disorders

chapter 11|6 pages

Eating disorders

chapter 12|11 pages

Alcohol and drug dependence

chapter 13|5 pages

Psychiatric emergencies