This educational workbook helps people who build compassionate relationships with dying people. Accompanied by its trainer's guide, it presents a comprehensive, sequential learning program for caregivers in non-medical capacities covering everything from self-understanding to spiritual issues, listening skills and expressive activities, developing the skills, awareness and resilience needed for this privileged and sensitive role. The program includes a variety of learning experiences, including large and small group activities, discussion, close reading, creative writing, self exploration, and skill development and practice. This is an invaluable resource for small groups of individuals who wish to volunteer in hospice or palliative care settings. A copy of the guide for trainers is included in each pack of workbooks, and is also freely available online. 'The best resource I have seen to guide teachers and learners in this complex training process. I predict that those of you who try it with your staffs and trainees will find that it bears fruit both for your patients and their families, but also for the sustenance and personal development of the staff members themselves.' Timothy Quill, M.D., in his Foreword

part 1|1 pages

Getting Started

chapter 1.1|27 pages

Unit Gaining Perspectives

part 2|1 pages

Understanding the Caregiver’s Self

chapter 2.1|7 pages

Unit Reflecting on Death

chapter 2.2|8 pages

Unit Mindfulness

chapter 2.3|10 pages

Unit Self-Knowledge

chapter 2.4|8 pages

Unit Spiritual Knowledge

chapter 2.5|3 pages

Unit The Whole Self: Body–Mind–Spirit

chapter 2.6|14 pages

Unit Facing Death

part 3|1 pages

Understanding Ourselves in Service of the Dying Person

chapter 3.1|7 pages

Unit Social and Cultural Influences

chapter 3.2|4 pages

Unit Spiritual and Religious Influences

chapter 3.3|3 pages

Unit The Nature of Loss and Suffering

part 4|1 pages

Ways of Helping the Dying Person

part 5|1 pages

Honoring the Caregiver

chapter 5.1|7 pages

Unit Nurture and Honor Yourself!