This stimulating and challenging work explores how to place consumers in charge to facilitate good patient care. It provides a coherent account of how customer/supply and demand/supply relationships work and identifies and describes the principles of good medical care and the approaches that can be taken to offer a credible and realistic agenda for change. This book is essential reading for policy makers and shapers healthcare managers and all those with an interest in the role of patients in healthcare.

chapter 1|22 pages

Historical evolution

chapter 2|6 pages

Primary care information systems

chapter 3|10 pages


chapter 5|12 pages

Information for health 2: PCOs

chapter 9|14 pages

Quality assurance

chapter 10|12 pages

Introduction to clinical governance

part 11|2 pages

The impact of scandal on clinical governance

chapter 12|4 pages

Decision making in healthcare

chapter 13|8 pages

Development of evidence-based practice

part 14|2 pages

The context of evidence-based practice in the NHS

chapter 15|4 pages

Systematic review and meta-analysis

chapter 16|4 pages

National Service Frameworks

chapter 19|6 pages

NHS Direct: decision support in action