This volume provides both the scientific and medical background to manipulation, as well as sound practical advice on how to carry out manipulative techniques. Manipulation is a now well-founded technique for the treatment of musculo-skeletal problems, and especially back pain. The Royal College of General Practitioners has recommended manipulation as a therapy, as has the Clinical standards Advisory Group. Manipulation is now also part of the core training of rheumatologists. The text is accompanied with illustrations showing how to manipulate safely, and key references are provided throughout. The book should be of i nterest to all those interested in manipulatio, including rheumatologists, general practitioners, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors.

part 1|2 pages

Preparing to be a Carer

chapter 1|4 pages

On becoming a carer

chapter 2|4 pages

BEFRIENDing the patient

chapter 3|3 pages

Taking time for yourself

chapter 4|7 pages

Thinking about your own health

part 2|2 pages

Plain Speaking: Communication

part 3|2 pages

Practical Problems

chapter 12|5 pages

The patient has a very poor appetite

chapter 13|3 pages

The patient is breathless

chapter 14|3 pages

The patient is having chemotherapy

chapter 16|3 pages

The patient is confused

chapter 17|4 pages

The patient is constipated

chapter 18|4 pages

The patient is depressed

chapter 19|2 pages

The patient has diarrhoea

chapter 20|2 pages

The patient is not drinking enough

chapter 22|4 pages

The patient has a fistula

chapter 24|2 pages

The patient is jaundiced

chapter 25|4 pages

The patient has lymphoedema

chapter 26|4 pages

The patient’s mouth is dry

chapter 27|4 pages

The patient’s mouth is sore

chapter 28|3 pages

The patient seems to be in pain

chapter 29|6 pages

The patient needs practical care

chapter 30|2 pages

The patient is having radiotherapy

chapter 31|4 pages

The patient is feeling sick

chapter 32|3 pages

The patient’s skin is at risk

chapter 33|3 pages

The patient has difficulty swallowing

chapter 34|4 pages

The patient is weak

part 4|2 pages

Psychological, Social and Spiritual Issues

part 5|2 pages