This book is an essential revision aid for those revising for the short answer paper of the Part 1 MRCOphth examination in the United Kingdom and similar examinations elsewhere. It covers many of the frequently asked questions and presents answers in a format that can be reproduced under examination conditions. It covers the basic sciences, and is also a useful reference to refresh the knowledge of experienced ophthalmologists and allied health professionals.

chapter Q4|2 pages

Write short notes on drug metabolism

chapter Q15|2 pages

Write short notes comparing rods and cones

chapter Q29|2 pages

Describe the causes and effects of ulcers

chapter Q31|1 pages

Describe ways in which cells die

chapter Q32|1 pages

Write short notes on viral replication

chapter Q41|1 pages

Write short notes on prenatal testing

chapter Q45|1 pages

List the major roles of complement

chapter Q58|1 pages

Write short notes on the crystallins

chapter Q62|2 pages

Describe the mechanisms of visual adaptation

chapter Q73|2 pages

Describe the mechanism of colour perception

chapter Q81|2 pages

Write short notes on the third cranial nerve