This book will contain the most important ion exchange-related design and application issues. Using tables, graphs, and conversion tables, it will explain the fundamentals, providing the knowledge to use ion exchange to reuse wastewaters, recover valuable chemicals, and recycle industrial waters. For anyone who is designing unconventional ion exchange systems, or who needs a fundamental knowledge of ion exchange, this is the perfect working reference. This new edition will be updated throughout, add a new chapter (Selective Ion Exchange Resins), and include all new information on the removal of boron, arsenic, nitrates, ammonia, radioactivity, silica, and heavy metals from water.

Introduction and Historical Perspective. Basic Concepts from General Chemistry and Hydraulics. Fundamental Principles and Concepts of Ion Exchange. Laboratory-Scale Testing of Ion Exchange. Ion Exchange Applications and Design. Selective Ion Exchange Resins. References. Appendix: Tables and Conversion Factors. Index.