Fluid mechanics is a core component of many undergraduate engineering courses. It is essential for both students and lecturers to have a comprehensive, highly illustrated textbook, full of exercises, problems and practical applications to guide them through their study and teaching. Engineering Fluid Mechanics By William P. Grabel is that book
The ISE version of this comprehensive text is especially priced for the student market and is an essential textbook for undergraduates (particularly those on mechanical and civil engineering courses) designed to emphasis the physical aspects of fluid mechanics and to develop the analytical skills and attitudes of the engineering student.
Example problems follow most of the theory to ensure that students easily grasp the calculations, step by step processes outline the procedure used, so as to improve the students' problem solving skills. An Appendix is included to present some of the more general considerations involved in the design process.
The author also links fluid mechanics to other core engineering courses an undergraduate must take (heat transfer, thermodynamics, mechanics of materials, statistics and dynamics) wherever possible, to build on previously learned knowledge.

chapter 1|40 pages

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

chapter 2|68 pages

Hydrostatics and Rigid-Body Motions

chapter 3|86 pages

Fluid Dynamics

chapter 4|72 pages

Differential Analysis

chapter 5|30 pages

Dimensional Analysis

chapter 6|52 pages

Laminar Viscous Flow

chapter 7|56 pages

Turbulent Viscous Flow

chapter 8|44 pages

Open Channel Flows

chapter 9|54 pages

Compressible Flows

chapter 10|32 pages

Measurement of Flow and Fluid Properties

chapter 11|34 pages

Hydraulic Machinery

chapter 12|10 pages


chapter |10 pages

Appendix B. Fluid Properties

chapter 2|12 pages

Cubic Equations

chapter |6 pages

Appendix F. Design of a Pump System

chapter |8 pages


chapter |8 pages

Answers to Even Numbered Problems