As software R&D investment increases, the benefits from short feedback cycles using technologies such as continuous deployment, experimentation-based development, and multidisciplinary teams require a fundamentally different strategy and process. This book will cover the three overall challenges that companies are grappling with: speed, data and ecosystems. Speed deals with shortening the cycle time in R&D. Data deals with increasing the use of and benefit from the massive amounts of data that companies collect. Ecosystems address the transition of companies from being internally focused to being ecosystem oriented by analyzing what the company is uniquely good at and where it adds value.

Part 1 Introduction. Introduction. Need for Speed. Viganbe. Part II Speed. Stairway to Heaven: Speed. Throughput vs. Responsiveness. Managing Architecture. Continuous Integration. Part III Data. Stairway to Heaven: Data. Feature Experimentation. Evidence Driven Development. Part IV. Ecosystems. Stairway to Heaven: Ecosystems. Three Layer Ecosystem Strategy Model. Implications of Software Ecosystems. Part V. Conclusion.