Providing the tools necessary for a robust debate, this fully revised and updated second edition of Ethics in Science: Ethical Misconduct in Scientific Research explains various forms of scientific misconduct. The first part describes a variety of ethical violations, why they occur, how they are handled, and what can be done to prevent them along with a discussion of the peer-review process. The second presents real-life case studies that review the known facts, allowing readers to decide for themselves whether an ethical violation has occurred and if so, what should be done. With 4 new chapters and an updated selection of case studies, this text provides resources for guided discussion of topical controversies and how to prevent scientific misconduct.

Key Features:

  • Fully revised and updated text which explains the various forms of scientific misconduct.
  • New chapters include hot topics such as Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry, The Responsibility of Science to the Environment and Summary of Ethics Guidelines of STEM Professional Societies.
  • Provides the necessary tools to lead students in the discussion of topical controversies.
  • Includes descriptions of real ethical case studies, a number of which are new for the Second Edition.
  • This book is applicable to any science and any level of education.
  • part A|2 pages

    Overview of Ethics Violations

    chapter 1|32 pages

    Research Misconduct

    What Is It, Why Does It Happen, and How Do We Identify When It Happens?

    chapter 3|9 pages

    Peer Review

    What Is It and What Is Its Role in Scientific Misconduct?

    chapter 5|10 pages

    The Ethics of the Pharmaceutical Industry

    chapter 6|9 pages

    Science and the Public

    part B|3 pages

    Case Studies

    chapter 10|28 pages

    Case Studies