This reference covers in detail the preparation and application of current and emerging organic materials used as xerographic photoreceptors, emphasizing the photo-electric properties of organic solids and evaluating their potential use in xerography.;Reviewing the development of xerography and the steps in the xerographic process, this volume: summarizes the properties, advantages and disadvantages of various classes of materials used as photoreceptors; describes the methods of characterizing the sensitometry of xerographic photoreceptors; examines the physics and chemistry of photogeneration and charge transport processes; and elucidates the sensimetry of different classes of organic materials.;Organic Photoreceptors for Imaging Systems is intended for imaging scientists, optical engineers and physicists, organic chemists, materials scienctists and students in these disciplines.

Xerographic photoreceptors; charge acceptance and dark discharge; photoinduced discharge; photogeneration theories; photogeneration in organic solids; charge transport theories; charge transport in polymers and related materials; experimental techniques; photoreceptor preparation; photoreceptors; fatigue; summary and future requirements.