Energy management training and solutions are not one size fits all. While some general methods apply, the metals industry has its own unique processes and environments for which a more tailored approach is necessary. Aimed at managers, engineers, and supervisors working in the metals industry, Energy Management for the Metals Industry offers specifics that can help readers in the metals field achieve energy savings for their companies. The book explains general energy management methods and offers approaches germane to the metals industry. It discusses the benefits and reasons for implementing an energy management program and the requirements necessary to begin one. The book covers defining and measuring performance, setting baselines, and benchmarking a plant and its processes. It also discusses analyzing data, identifying projects, improving processes, setting goals, and creating an action plan, while controlling and evaluating progress. Real-world examples highlight concepts and illustrate potential pitfalls.

chapter 1|12 pages


chapter 2|6 pages

Commit to the Program

chapter 3|56 pages

Define and Measure Performance

chapter 4|60 pages

Analyze Data and Identify Projects

chapter 5|10 pages

Do the Improvements

chapter 6|10 pages

Control and Evaluate Progress