Professor Craig Caldwell’s Story Structure and Development offers a clear approach to the essentials of story. It lays out the fundamental elements, principles, and structure for animators, designers, and artists so they can incorporate these concepts in their work. As a practical guide it includes extensive insights and advice from industry professionals. Readers will learn the universal patterns of story and narrative used in today’s movies, animation, games, and VR. With over 200 colorful images, this book has been designed for visual learners, and is organized to provide access to story concepts for the screen media professional and student. Readers will discover the story fundamentals referred to by every director and producer when they say "It’s all about story".


Key Features

  • Consolidates into one text universal story structure used across the digital media industry
  • Includes enormous visuals that illustrate and reinforce concepts for visual learners
  • Organizes content for faculty to use sections in a non-linear manner
  • Includes chapter objectives, review questions, and key terms to guide the reader
  • section 1|70 pages

    Story Structure (the Plot)

    chapter 1|18 pages

    Plot: The Structure

    chapter 2|18 pages

    Setup: Act 1

    chapter 3|14 pages


    chapter 4|10 pages


    chapter 5|8 pages

    Story Types

    section 2|40 pages

    Story Elements

    chapter 6|10 pages

    Story Elements

    chapter 7|18 pages

    Story Mechanics

    chapter 8|10 pages

    Interactive Narrative

    section 3|46 pages

    Character Development

    chapter 9|16 pages


    chapter 10|18 pages

    Character Elements

    chapter 11|10 pages

    Character Values/Motivation

    section 4|46 pages

    Idea Development

    chapter 12|12 pages

    Generating Ideas

    chapter 13|20 pages

    Story Development

    chapter 14|12 pages

    Viewer (the Audience)