Everywhere you look in healthcare, disruptive changes are emerging, yet the pressure to keep productivity up is ever-present. There are ways to minimize disruption and make adoption stick.

Change Rx for Healthcare: Your Prescription for Leading Change showcases a case study of a large, transformational change implementing an electronic health record platform, as well as a collection of best-practice tools for leading through change or adopting change successfully. The author also includes hints on how to take learning and applying the contents to the next level and provides a detailed review of the science and profession of change adoption.

This book will help any executive, physician, leader, consultant, project member, or change management professional become more familiar with the science of change and tools that make it faster and easier.

section I|2 pages

Change, the Only Constant in Healthcare

chapter 1|6 pages

Experience Counts When Adopting Change

chapter 2|6 pages

Paradigm Shift

Patient as Consumer

chapter 3|6 pages

Drivers of Change

Legislation Basics

section II|2 pages

The Value of Investing in Change Adoption

chapter 5|6 pages

Success Story

Transforming Healing Neighbors Healthcare

section III|2 pages

Executives Driving Change

chapter 7|4 pages

Three Types of Leaders

chapter 8|4 pages

The Best Advice for Executive Sponsors

chapter 9|6 pages

Success Story

An Exceptional Executive Sponsor

section IV|2 pages

Leaders and People on Projects Making Change

chapter 11|6 pages

Five Types of People Making Change

chapter 14|16 pages

Change Essentials Toolkit

section V|2 pages

Physician Support through Change

chapter 15|6 pages

Dedicate Resources for Physician Change

chapter 16|6 pages

Physician Burnout Is Real

section VI|2 pages

The Change Adoption Profession

chapter 17|6 pages

Our People, Our Craft

chapter 18|6 pages

Change Theory Mash-Up

chapter 19|22 pages

Change Adoption Basic Toolkit

section VII|2 pages

Best Practices for Successful Change Adoption

chapter 20|10 pages

Seven Concepts to Remember