Covers the fundamentals and the latest advances in computerized automation and process control, control algorithms, and specific applications essential food manufacturing processes and unit operations. This text highlights the use of efficient process control to convert from batch to continuous operation and enhance plant sanitation. It compares both established and innovative control schemes.

Introduction and tools: process controls in food industry: problems and solutions; computer-based instrumentation: sensors for in-line measurements; food process modelling and simulation. Basic: computerized process control systems: basics; neuro-fuzzy technology for computerized automation; fuzzy controls for food processes; image processing and its applications in food process control. Applications - unit operations: computer-based fermentation process control; process control for thermal processing; automatic controls of drying processes; computerized food freezing/chilling operations; separation processes for the food industry: process models for effective computer control; computerized food warehouse automation; computer-based control systems in food packaging. Applications - food manufacturing: computerized automation/controls in dairy processing; computerized controls in meat processing; computerized process controls in industrial cooking operations; computerized process controls for bakery/cereal industry; computer-based controls in fish processing industry; computer integrated manufacturing with food industry.