The Excellent Education System: Using Six Sigma to Transform Schools helps you discover and understand the technique of evidence-based learning and operations through which the modern school satisfies the need to increase the flow of successful students through the educational system from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

This book explains, in clear terms, what educational excellence means and the principles of process improvement. In addition, it gives your an introduction to the Six Sigma methodology. Included in the discussion are case studies of educational professionals who have found a new world centered in the evidence-based educational processes. These processes lead to many examples of dramatic turnarounds in some failing schools.

The author presents strategies and actions that you can use to improve schools such as those presented in the case studies. The Appendices provide a wide variety of tactical resources for implementation.



chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

What Do We Mean by Educational Excellence?

chapter Chapter 2|20 pages

Where Did Six Sigma Come From?

chapter Chapter 3|14 pages

What Is Six Sigma?

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

Six Sigma Toolbox

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

In Plain Sight: Sources of Wastes 1

chapter Chapter 6|6 pages

Transforming the Educational System

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

TLS Continuum and the Classroom

chapter Chapter 8|22 pages

TLS Continuum and the Administration

chapter Chapter 9|12 pages

How Do I Implement the Same Program(s) in My School?

chapter Chapter 10|18 pages

The Road to Educational Excellence