This book provides a comprehensive review of the subject of polaron and a thorough account of the sophisticated theories of the polaron. It explains the concept of the polaron physics in as simple a manner as possible and presents the theoretical techniques and mathematical derivations in great detail. Anybody who follows this book will develop a solid command over the subject both conceptually and technically and will be in a position to contribute to this field.

section I|10 pages

Basic Polaron Concepts

chapter 1|8 pages

Qualitative Picture

section II|239 pages

Continuum Polarons

section III|117 pages

Polarons in Arbitrary Dimensions and Confined System

chapter 14|49 pages

Polarons in Confined Geometries

chapter 15|5 pages

Bipolarons in a Quantum Dot

chapter 16|12 pages

Magneto-Polarons in a Quantum Dot

section IV|82 pages

Polarons in Tight-binding Models