Banach-Space Operators On C*-Probability Spaces Generated by Multi Semicircular Elements introduces new areas in operator theory and operator algebra, in connection with free probability theory. In particular, the book considers projections and partial isometries distorting original free-distributional data on the C∗-probability spaces.


  • Suitable for graduate students and professional researchers in operator theory and/or analysis.
  • Numerous applications in related scientific fields and areas.

1. Introduction. 2. Preliminaries. 3. Joint Free Distributions of Multi Semicircular Elements. 4. A C*-Probability Space of |Ƶ|-Many Semicircular Elements. 5. C*-Probability Spaces (ЖN ; ɬN). 6. Adjointable Banach-Space Operators Acting on ЖN. 7. Free-Probabilistic Information on ЖN Affected by Partial Isometries. 8. Application I. Shift Operators Acting on Ж∞. 9. Application II. The Circular Law. 10. Application III. Free Poisson Distributions. 11. Examples. 12. The Group Dynamical System ſ. 13. On the ſ-Semicircular *-Probability Space X. 14. Operator-Theoretic Properties on X. Free Probability on ЖN = (ЖN ʘC ^N; TN). 16. Operator-Theoretic Properties on ЖN.