Physics Virtual Laboratory describes more than thirty physics practicals at high school and undergraduate levels with background information on each one, a description of the equipment needed, and instructions on how the experiment is performed. Uniquely, for those without access to a real laboratory, the book gives you access to highly detailed 3D simulations of all the experiments.

The simulations are a superset of the Virtual Physics Laboratory as reviewed and given the Green Tick of Approval by the Association for Science Education. They run in any browser that supports WebGL, such as Microsoft Edge or Firefox on Windows and Safari on the Mac. For the school or university student who wants to practice and widen their knowledge of physics, or for those who are learning on their own, this is an ideal book for honing and broadening experimental skills.

The simulations are the result of many years researching the teaching of online science, a field in which the author has published many papers.

1 Millikan’s oil drop experiment  2 Planck’s constant  3 Rutherford’s gold foil experiment  4 Measuring the acceleration due to gravity  5 Average velocity using an AirTrack  6 Determining acceleration using an AirTrack  7 Confirmation of Newton’s second law  8 Showing conservation of energy using an AirTrack  9 Conservation of momentum in an inelastic collision using an AirTrack  10 Hooke’s Law  11 Young’s modulus  12 Velocity of rifle shell using a ballistic balance  13 Simple pendulum  14 Simple Harmonic Motion using a mass-spring system  15 Capacitor charge and discharge  16 The internal resistance of a dry cell  17 The IV characteristics of a diode  18 The IV characteristics of a filament lightbulb  19 The Resistivity of constantan  20 Resistors in Series and Parallel  21 Heat Transfer  22 Boyle’s law  23 Charles’s law  24 Mechanical equivalent of heat  25 Specific heat capacity of brass  26 Investigation of mechanical waves  27 Measuring the speed of water ripples  28 Infrared Radiation  29 Diffraction using a monochromatic laser  30 Inverse square law for gamma radiation  31 Refraction of light  32 Magnetic field due to a coil of wire  33 Investigation of magnetic flux of a current carrying wire  34 Magnetic flux linkage