Advances in Lasers and Applications opens with tutorial reviews of the underpinning science of diode pumped lasers, optical parametric oscillators, and ultrafast pulse generation. The book proceeds to the more specialized areas of waveguide lasers, ultrafast parametric amplification, visible solid-state lasers, materials, and diode pumps. The final sections present the applications of these sources to medicine, remote sensing and ranging, materials processing, and the widening set of applications for ultrashort pulses.

LASER SOURCES. A review of diode-pumped lasers (D Hanna/W A Clarkson). Visible cw solid-state lasers (G Huber) Fibre and waveguide lasers (A Tropper). Optical parametric oscillators (OPO) (M H Dunn/M Ebrahimzadeh). Physics of ultrashort pulse generation (U Keller).
MATERIALS. Materials for lasers and nonlinear optics (W F Krupke). Periodically poled materials for nonlinear optics (L E Myers).
APPLICATIONS. Medical lasers: fundamentals and applications (R M Verdaasdonk). Solid state lasers and nonlinear optics for LIDAR (P F Moulton). Challenges for new laser sources in the interferometric gravitational wave detectors (S Rowan/J Hough). Lasers in Material processing (P Loosen). Applications of ultrashort pulse lasers (W Sibbett/W H Knox).