Contributors from European and US universities and corporations review recent developments in the integration of downstream processing and bioconversion, describing their experience with many separation technologies, including some still in the experimental stage. The topics include the construction

I. Objectives for Extractive Bioconversion 2. Cultivation Using Membrane Filtration and Cell Recycling 3. Liquid-Liquid Extractive Membrane Reactors 4. Continuous Removal of Ethanol from Bioreactor by Pervaporation 5. Perstraction. 6. Extractive Bioconversions with Nonaqueous Solvents7. Extractive Bioconversions in Aqueous Two-Phase Systems. 8. Solid Sorbents Used in Extractive Bioconversion Processes. 9. Extractive Removal of Product by Biocatalysis. 10. Vacuum Fermentation 11.Bioconversions in Permeabilized Cells. 12. Ion-Pair Extraction in Biological Systems 13. The Biostil Process. Index