The approach taken in this book emphasizes the basics of information technology and helps students decide whether to pursue an information technology career. Most students fail to pursue an IT career because of their limited knowledge (sometimes no knowledge) about the area. Similarly, most students pursuing a career in IT do not research the field before their pursuit. This book is purposely designed for students in this category. The book may be offered as a required text for an elective or core course to all bachelor's degree students regardless of specialization. Compared to other textbooks, this text guides students pursuing or wanting to pursue an IT degree/career. Most students often begin their study of IT without knowing the outside and inside of the area. Most of these students can change their minds to pursue a different career path after spending several semesters of studies, a waste of their time. If students are taught from the onset about what an IT career entails and what it takes to become successful, it will significantly help students and not waste their time. This book addresses the issue.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Information Technology. Chapter 2 Hardware. Chapter 3 Software. Chapter 4 Communication Network. Chapter 5 Careers in Information Technology. Chapter 6 Why Choose a Career in the IT Field? Chapter 7 Forming an IT Career Plan. Chapter 8 Information Technology and Society, Chapter 9 Future Trends In IT. Glossary. Answer Key. Index.