At the Frontline of Covid-19 is an emotional account of the first Covid lockdown told by upbeat breast surgeon consultant, Ash, as he admits his struggle to adapt to pandemic life. From new equipment, frequent process shuffling, and heroes within the hospital, Ash reflects on his tales from the NHS frontline of the Covid response.

With an entwined narrative from his wife, Jenny, who battles to preserve her hairdressing business during the pandemic, the two give an open account of family life as they navigate ‘staying safe’ during an unprecedented time.

This accessible diary is as much about a family’s repercussions of working within the medical profession during lockdown as well as the rapid changes that overtook the South-East hospitals. Sprinkled with heart-warming anecdotes and whimsical references, it is a good-humoured and honest account of work and family life during the pandemic.

Days 1-383 of exposure to COVID from 15th March onwards by Ash and Jenny Subramanian. Postscript by Dr Adrian Bull