This book will enable the reader, regardless of their experience, to master the best rhinoplasty practice. It includes all contemporary techniques such as preservation, structural, and atraumatic rhinoplasty concepts, and makes them very practical to apply. Rhinoplasty in Practice not only explains the anatomy, historical evaluations, philosophy, descriptions, indications, limitations, and complications of rhinoplasty but also reports many innovative and unpublished data, tips, and tricks for success.

The text is enhanced by:

  • Algorithms and tables for a clear understanding of the deformity and treatment techniques
  • Almost 100 full HD surgical and 3D animation videos (available via a Companion Website) to make the techniques clear, practical, and applicable
  • Over 500 superb illustrations to make the anatomy and surgical techniques more easily comprehensible, allowing the reader to follow each step and including cadaver, histological, ultrasonography, computed tomography, and clinical studies

Preface. Chapter 1: Patient Selection in Rhinoplasty. Chapter 2: Closed Atraumatic Rhinoplasty. Chapter 3: Dorsum surgery. Chapter 4:  Nasal tip surgery. Chapter 5: Alar Base Surgery. Chapter 6: Revision Rhinoplasty. Chapter 7: Advanced Rhinoplasty. Index.