This book provides the tools and techniques, management principles, procedures, concepts, and methods to ensure the successful completion of an oil and gas project while also ensuring the proper design, procurement, and construction for making the project most qualitative, competitive, and economical for safer operational optimized performance.

It discusses quality during design, FEED, detailed engineering, selection of project teams, procurement procedure of EPC contract, managing quality during mobilization, procurement, execution, planning, scheduling, monitoring, control, quality, and testing to achieve the desired results for an oil and gas project.

This book provides all the related information to professional practitioners, designers, consultants, contractors, quality managers, project managers, construction managers, and academics/instructors involved in oil and gas projects and related industries.


  • Provides information on the various quality tools used to manage construction projects from inception to handover
  • Discusses the life cycle phases, developed on systems engineering approach, and how it is divided into manageable activity/element/components segments to manage and control the project
  • Includes a wide range of tools, techniques, principles, and procedures used to address quality management
  • Covers quality management systems and development of quality management systems manuals
  • Discusses quality and risk management, and health, safety, and environmental management during the design and construction process



SECTION 1 Quality Tools and Techniques in Oil and Gas Projects 1. Overview of Quality. 2. Quality Management System. 3. Overview of Oil and Gas Industry. 4. Quality Tools for Oil and Gas Industry. 5. HSE in Oil and Gas Projects. SECTION 2 Quality Management Principles, Procedures, Concepts, and Methods in Oil and Gas Prohects 6. Overview of Quality in Oil and Gas Projects. 7. Selection of Project Teams. 8. Quality Management during Oil and Gas Project Phases. 9. Operation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Projects.