Teaching in the Built Environment: Creating Transformational Active Learning Experiences offers a blueprint for teaching success from an award-winning team of educators, with classroom-ready strategies for maximizing undergraduate learning in built environment disciplines. Drawing on the authors’ years of experience as education researchers and faculty at one of the nation’s top design and construction schools, this primer empowers instructors to implement high impact teaching practices in any educational setting, from intimate seminars to "mega classes" of hundreds of students. Chapters on internships, study abroad, and field experiences equip faculty with teaching tools guaranteed to work on or off campus.

Just as importantly, this book identifies the teaching tactics that don’t work. The authors’ candid reflections on their own failed pedagogical experiments help instructors avoid confidence-shaking missteps and encourage them to turn teaching struggles into future successes. A thorough review of the latest education research provides theoretical context and empirical support for strategies direct from the authors’ award-winning classrooms, studios, and labs.


  • Classroom-tested strategies for maximizing undergraduates’ learning in built environment disciplines
  • Adapted teaching methods from the authors’ award-winning classrooms, studios, and labs to any higher education setting
  • An ideal resource for built environment faculty, from first timers to veteran educators
  • The latest research on teaching and learning in design and construction disciplines

A must-read for built environment educators, from first-time faculty to classroom veterans, Teaching in the Built Environment: Creating Transformational Active Learning Experiences inspires teaching that will resonate long past the semester’s end.

Foreword. 1. A Call for Transformative Educational Experiences. 2. The Significance of High-Impact Educational Practices. 3. Moments Make a Difference. 4. A Foundation for Transformational Active Learning Experiences (TALEs). 5. Building a TALE. 6. Putting TALEs into Practice. 7. Large Classes. 8. Service-Learning. 9. Internships and Co-Ops. 10. Capstone Experiences. 11. Team-Based Student Competitions. 12. Studios and Lab Classes. 13. Math-Intensive Classes. 14. Tech-Intensive Classes. 15. Afterword.