This book discusses methods which might appropriately be employed under various circumstances. It is concerned with control of insect pests and tse-tse flies, and considers prospects for integrated control of the African trypanosomiases, in which vector control is envisaged as playing a key role.

Opening session 1. Opening address 2. Prospects for integrated control of the African trypanosomiasis Session 1. The safety and efficaciousness of chemical control 3. Is resistance developing in tsetse flies? Susceptibility to two chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides in sprayed and unsprayed populations of Glossina pallidipes in Kenya 4. Tsetse control by chemical means in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe 5. Considerations concerning practical implications of the use of ivermectin to control tsetse flies in Africa 6. The ecological impact of insecticides in connection to the control of tsetse flies in Africa: A review Session 2. Biological, biotechnical and other control methods 7. The development of baits to survey and control tsetse flies in Zimbabwe 8. Trapping committed to rural communities for the control of sleeping sickness 9. Integrated control against the Glossines in Burkina Faso 10. Considerations about the control of tsetse fly in Mozambique 11. The sterile insect technique for tsetse eradication in Nigeria 12. Biotechniques and other methods of tsetse fly control Session 3. Present and future programmes of international and national organizations 13. Present and future programme of GTZ on tsetse and trypanosomiasis control 14. The ICIPE's research programme on tsetse and trypanosomiasis 15. The IEMVT's present and future programmes for Glossine control 16. ODA's present programmes and future aims for tsetse control 17. The FAO programme for the control of African animal trypanosomiasis and related development 18. Joint FAO/IAEA tsetse fly programme: Current and future 19. Integrated sleeping sickness control 20. Integrated tsetse control: Present and future programmes of national and international organisations 21. Integrated control of Glossines: Action of the Commission of the European Communities Session 4. General aspects on Glossina 22. Tsetse fly control and primary health care 23. Tsetse research and development at Seibersdorf: A review 24. The Antwerp tsetse fly laboratory: A new start 25. Let us live with tsetse flies Closing session 26. Sessions' report 27. Conclusions