This book covers several aspects of inhalation toxicology ranging from inhalation drug abuse to battlefield chemical inhalation lung injury, and emphasizes pathophysiology and therapy.

1. Airway Repair and Adaptation to Inhalation Injury 2. Mechanisms of Airway Responses to Inhaled Sulfur Dioxide 3. Pulmonary Performance in Laboratory Animals Exposed to Toxic Agents and Correlations with Lung Disease in Humans 4. Inhalation Toxicity of Metal Particles and Vapors 5. Diagnostic Imaging in Inhalation Lung Injury 6. Bronchoalveolar Lavage in Inhalational Lung Toxicity 7. Diagnosis and Treatment of Inhalation Injury in Burn Patients 8. Battlefield Chemical Inhalation Injury 9. Inhalational Drug Abuse 10. Environmental Inhaled Agents and Their Relation to Lung Cancer 11. The Toxic Environment and Its Medical Implications with Special Emphasis on Smoke Inhalation