The first source to unite secondary fungal metabolism and morphogenesis in one volume, Secondary Metabolism and Differentiation in Fungi treats biological systems as parts of a whole rather than as a series of individual elements, highlighting research in genetics, molecular biology, and ecology. Featuring the expertise of 19 international authorities, each chapter is a rich source of experimentation ideas. The book facilitates the application of novel techniques to existing problems in molecular mycology and explores potentials for major new research. This indispensable guide to a key scientific field benefits biologists, chemists, and other scientists.

Differentiation and Secondary Metabolism in Mycelial Fungi. Regulation of Secondary Metabolism and Keys to Its Manipulation. Correlation of Secondary Metabolism and Differentiation. Comparative Aspects of Secondary Metabolism in Cell Cultures of Green Plants, Animals, and Microorganisms. Biochemistry, Physiology, and Genetics of Carotenogenesis in Fungi. Evolution and Secondary Pathways. Fungal Nucleic Acids. Controls for Development and Differentiation of the Dikaryon in Basidiomycetes. Hormones and Sexuality in Fungi. Yeast/Mold Morphogenesis in Mucor and Candida albicans. The Yeast Genome in Yeast Differentiation. Phytoalexins. Evolution, Ecology, and Mycotoxins: Some Musings. Indexes.