Temperature Measurement covers nearly every type of temperature measurement device, in particular, bimetallic thermometers, filled bulb and glass stem thermometers, thermistors, thermocouples, and thermowells. Includes suppliers and prices.

Béla G. Lipták speaks on Post-Oil Energy Technology on the AT&T Tech Channel.

Contributors, Introduction, 1. Application and Selection, 2. Bimetallic Thermometers, 3. Calibrators and Simulators, 4. Color Indicators, Crayons, Pellets, 5. Fiber-optic Thermometers, 6. Filled-Bulb and Glass-Stem Thermometers, 7. Integrated Circuitry (IC) Transistors and Diodes, 8. Miscellaneous Temperature Sensors, 9. Pneumatic and Suction Pyrometers, 10. Pyrometric Cones, 11. Radiation and Infrared Pyrometers, 12. Quartz Crystal Thermometry, 13. Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs), 14. Temperature Switches and Thermostats, 15. Thermistors, 16. Thermocouples, 17. Thermowells, 18. Ultrasonic Thermometers, Index