The seventh edition of this concise, highly practical guide to the interpretation of normal and abnormal laboratory results is fully revised and expanded, with updates on established and familiar tests, as well as interpretations on recent developments.

With increasing responsibility being placed on primary care, the book includes guidelines on specific clinical conditions such as heart failure, management of female infertility, specific lipid monitoring in diabetes and guidance for monitoring renal failure. It also includes suggestions for appropriate laboratory tests in certain clinical situations, for example: dementia screen, screening tests when a patient presents with a neuropathy, and appropriate tests for patients presenting with hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome, erectile dysfunction and gynaecomastia. Completely up-to-date, A Guide to Laboratory Investigations, Seventh Edition remains an essential handbook for all primary care professionals professionals and a valuable reference for medical students and hospital physicians in training and in practice.

Preface. Author Biographies. Glossary. Introduction. 1. Haematology. 2. Microbiology. 3. Fertility & Women’s Health. 4. Rheumatology and Immunology. 5. Biochemistry. 6. Miscellaneous. 7. Quick Reference Guide for Clinical Scenarios. 8. Actions following ECG automatic read-outs. Index.