Petroleum Science and Technology: Petroleum Generation, Accumulation and Prospecting describes natural hydrocarbon geology along with applicable aspects of physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, mathematics, and engineering/technology. It starts off with a brief coverage of the origin and evolution of the universe, petroleum origin and generation in subsurface condition, source rock, oil/gas migration path and reservoir rock. Geological, geophysical, and geochemical petroleum surveys are also included. This book covers both theory and applied information. Aimed at graduate students, researchers, and professionals in petroleum engineering and chemical engineering, it:

  • Covers petroleum geology and technology including petroleum generation, migration, and reservoir formation
  • Introduces the nature and formation of petroleum and its exploration
  • Describes oil/gas prospecting using geophysico-chemical methods under subsurface condition
  • Includes a detailed geochemical survey along with an analysis of kerogen and bitumen
  • Explains petroleum migration and accumulation using two-dimensional graphs

MA Quddus PhD, has served in the petroleum sector and R&D organization, both national and multinational, for more than 40 years and has worked in various capacities including in the laboratory, office, field, and plant, and has also engaged in teaching petroleum technology as a visiting professor for 17 years. He earned BSc (Hons) and MSc degrees along with a PhD with thesis titled "Oxidation of Asphalt." As a result of his constant research, he has published nine international and 12 national papers, obtained one patent, presented five papers in conferences and prepared six technical reports. He has also visited the USA, Canada, and Indonesia for short courses in petroleum technology and teacher training.

1. Petroleum Pre-period Introduction 2. Petroleum Origin and Generation 3. Petroleum Migration and Accumulation 4. Petroleum Geological Survey 5. Petroleum Geophysical Survey 6. Petroleum Seismological Survey 7. Petroleum Geo-Electrical Survey 8. Petroleum Geochemical Survey