Security without Obscurity: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) complements Jeff Stapleton’s three other Security without Obscurity books to provide clear information and answers to the most commonly asked questions about information security (IS) solutions that use or rely on cryptography and key management methods. There are good and bad cryptography, bad ways of using good cryptography, and both good and bad key management methods. Consequently, information security solutions often have common but somewhat unique issues. These common and unique issues are expressed as an FAQ organized by related topic areas.

The FAQ in this book can be used as a reference guide to help address such issues. Cybersecurity is based on information technology (IT) that is managed using IS controls, but there is information, misinformation, and disinformation. Information reflects things that are accurate about security standards, models, protocols, algorithms, and products. Misinformation includes misnomers, misunderstandings, and lack of knowledge. Disinformation can occur when marketing claims either misuse or abuse terminology, alluding to things that are inaccurate or subjective. This FAQ provides information and distills misinformation and disinformation about cybersecurity.

This book will be useful to security professionals, technology professionals, assessors, auditors, managers, and hopefully even senior management who want a quick, straightforward answer to their questions. It will serve as a quick reference to always have ready on an office shelf. As any good security professional knows, no one can know everything.

Chapter 1:        Book Overview

Chapter 2:        Security Basics

Chapter 3:        Cryptography

Chapter 4:        Key Management

Chapter 5:        Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Chapter 6:        Authentication

Chapter 7:        Authorization

Chapter 8:        Security Protocols

Chapter 9:        Privacy

Chapter 10:     Quick Reference Guides

References and Standards