A graduate-level one-volume textbook and reference work on the structure and physics of atomic nuclei. Throughout this book the underlying emphasis is on how a nucleus is constituted through the interaction between the nucleons. The book is structured into three parts: the first part contains a detailed treatment of the two-nucleon force and of basic model-independent nuclear properties the second part discusses the experimental results of nuclear models and their bases in fundamental theory the third part deals in some detail with alpha-decay and fission.

part 1|214 pages

Fundamental Properties of Nuclei

chapter 1|16 pages

The Constituents of Nuclei

chapter 2|45 pages

Internucleon Forces: I

chapter 3|18 pages

Nuclear Moments and Nuclear Shapes

chapter 4|41 pages

Sizes of Nuclei

chapter 5|65 pages

Internucleon Forces: II

chapter 6|27 pages

Nuclear Binding Energies

part 2|292 pages

Nuclear Models

chapter 7|27 pages

Single-Particle Model

chapter 8|96 pages

Correlations in Nuclear Matter

chapter 9|101 pages

Collective Nuclear Motion

chapter 10|66 pages

Hartree-Fock and Particle-Hole Calculations

part 3|102 pages

Alpha Disintegration and Fission of Nuclei

chapter 11|32 pages

Alpha Radioactivity

chapter 12|68 pages