This established textbook offers a one-stop, comprehensive coverage of air pollution, all in an easy-reading and accessible style. The fourth edition, broadly updated and developed throughout, includes a brand-new chapter providing a broader overview to the topic for general reading, and presents fresh materials on air pollution modelling, mitigation and control, tailored to the needs of both amateur and specialist users. Retaining a quantitative perspective, the covered topics include: gaseous and particulate air pollutants, measurement techniques, meteorology and modelling, area sources, mobile sources, indoor air, effects on plants, materials, humans and animals, impact on climate change and ozone profiles and air quality legislations. This edition also includes a final chapter covering a suite of sampling and laboratory practical experiments that can be used for either classroom teachings, or as part of research projects. As with previous editions, the book is aimed to serve as a useful reading resource for upper-level undergraduate and postgraduate courses specialising in air pollution, with dedicated case studies at the end of each chapter, as well as a list of revision questions provided at the end as a complementary section.

chapter 1|34 pages

Overview of air pollution

chapter 2|49 pages

Gaseous air pollutants

chapter 3|53 pages

Particulate matter

chapter 4|24 pages

Area sources

chapter 5|66 pages

Mobile sources

chapter 6|59 pages

Ambient air quality

chapter 7|23 pages

Indoor air quality

chapter 8|47 pages

Air pollution modelling

chapter 9|53 pages

Air pollution control and mitigation

chapter 10|81 pages

Air pollution impacts

chapter 11|42 pages

Air pollution and climate change

chapter 12|44 pages

Air pollution impacts on ozone

chapter 13|19 pages

Noise and light pollution

chapter 14|43 pages

Air quality standards and legislations

chapter 15|22 pages

Air quality experiments