Automotive Innovation: The Science and Engineering behind Cutting-Edge Automotive Technology provides a survey of innovative automotive technologies in the auto industry. Automobiles are rapidly changing, and this text explores these trends. IC engines, transmissions, and chassis are being improved, and there are advances in digital control, manufacturing, and materials. New vehicles demonstrate improved  performance, safety and efficiency factors; electric vehicles represent a green energy alternative, while sensor technologies and computer processors redefine the nature of driving. The text explores these changes, the engineering and science behind them, and directions for the future.

chapter 1|37 pages

Bringing the Fire

chapter 2|25 pages

The End of Compromise

chapter 3|34 pages

Getting Power to the Pavement

chapter 4|32 pages

Electric Machines

chapter 5|34 pages

Electrified Powertrains

chapter 6|29 pages

The Electric Fuel Tank

chapter 7|38 pages

Automotive Architecture

chapter 8|31 pages

The Power of Shape

chapter 9|30 pages

Smarter Cars