Elements of Multimedia presents a systematic introduction and integrated overview of the state-of-the-art innovations that make Multimedia a rapidly evolving technology in the digital domain. This book is also an invaluable resource for applied researchers. Some of the salient features of the book include:

  • Overview of recent additions to multimedia like New Media, Digital Media, Social Media and Mobile Media.
  • This book provides a starting point for researchers wishing to pursue research in Multimedia.
  • Discussions on advances in Web Technology, particularly Web 2.0, as well as Multimedia Applications.
  • Detailed descriptions on different Multimedia elements like text, graphics, images, audio, video and animation.
  • Introduction to the concepts of data compression.
  • Various aspects of multimedia presentations.
  • Multimedia storage hardware.
  • Databases for Multimedia data storage and indexing schemes for accessing Multimedia data.
  • Multimedia communications and networking issues.

Each chapter ends with a review of the topics covered and a set of review questions to enable the student to go back to the chapter and recapitulate the subject matter. Answers to the Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) are provided at the end of the book. Solutions of problems are also provided.

chapter 1|24 pages

Multimedia Systems

chapter 2|13 pages

Text in Multimedia

chapter 3|28 pages

Audio in Multimedia

chapter 4|13 pages

Image in Multimedia

chapter 5|11 pages

Video in Multimedia

chapter 6|13 pages

Animation and Computer Graphics

chapter 7|25 pages

Multimedia Data Compression

chapter 9|13 pages

Multimedia Storage