This book will change the way you think about problems. It focuses on creating solutions to all sorts of complex problems by taking a practical, problem-solving approach. It discusses not only what needs to be done, but it also provides guidance and examples of how to do it. The book applies systems thinking to systems engineering and introduces several innovative concepts such as direct and indirect stakeholders and the Nine-System Model, which provides the context for the activities performed in the project, along with a framework for successful stakeholder management.

A list of the figures and tables in this book is available at https://www.crcpress.com/9781138387935.


• Treats systems engineering as a problem-solving methodology

• Describes what tools systems engineers use and how they use them in each state of the system lifecycle

• Discusses the perennial problem of poor requirements, defines the grammar and structure of a requirement, and provides a template for a good imperative construction statement and the requirements for writing requirements

• Provides examples of bad and questionable requirements and explains the reasons why they are bad and questionable

• Introduces new concepts such as direct and indirect stakeholders and the Shmemp!

• Includes the Nine-System Model and other unique tools for systems engineering


chapter 1|24 pages


chapter 2|51 pages

Perceptions of Systems Engineering

chapter 3|41 pages

Perceptions of Problem-Solving

chapter 5|8 pages

An Introduction to Systems

chapter 6|17 pages

The Nine-System Model

chapter 8|10 pages

The System Lifecycle

chapter 9|32 pages

The Needs Identification State of the SDP

chapter 10|48 pages

The System Requirements State of the SDP

chapter 11|6 pages

The System and Subsystem Design State

chapter 12|3 pages

The Subsystem Construction State

chapter 13|2 pages

The Subsystem Test State

chapter 16|3 pages

The System Disposal State

chapter 17|9 pages

The Nuts and Bolts of Systems

chapter 18|28 pages


From Light to Darkness: Lessons Learned from the Solar System

chapter 19|24 pages

Jumping to the Wrong Conclusions

A Case Study on Optimizing a Postgraduate Learning Environment

chapter 20|11 pages

The Engaporean ADS Upgrade Project

chapter 21|9 pages