This highly successful book is now updated in line with the 18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations. Electrical Installation Work provides a topic by topic progression through the areas of electrical installations, including how and why electrical installations are designed, installed and tested. Additional content in this edition includes detail on LED lighting and medical locations. A new appendix contains a glossary of electrical installation work terms, ensuring that readers of all levels of experience can easily grasp every topic.

Brian Scaddan’s subject-led approach makes this a valuable resource for professionals and students on both City & Guilds and EAL courses. This approach also makes it easy for those who are learning the topic from scratch to get to grips with it in a non syllabus-led way.

The book is already widely used in education facilities across the UK. It has been published for almost 40 years, and in its current form since 1992.

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|10 pages

Molecules and Atoms

chapter 4|22 pages


chapter 5|6 pages

Capacitance: Symbol, C; Unit, Farad (F)

chapter 7|6 pages

Star and Delta Connections

chapter 8|22 pages

Direct-Current Motors

chapter 9|8 pages

The Primary Cell

chapter 10|14 pages

Light Sources

chapter 12|18 pages

Safety Regulations

chapter 13|10 pages

The Electrical Contracting Industry

chapter 14|20 pages


chapter 15|28 pages

Lighting Circuits

chapter 17|14 pages


chapter 18|12 pages

Design Current

chapter 19|24 pages

Measurement of Electrical Quantities

chapter 20|10 pages

Electronics Components