Exploring the chemistry of synthesis, mechanisms of polymerization, reaction engineering of step-growth and chain-growth polymerization, polymer characterization, thermodynamics and structural, mechanical, thermal and transport behavior of polymers as melts, solutions and solids, Fundamentals of Polymer Engineering, Third Edition covers essential concepts and breakthroughs in reactor design and polymer production and processing. It contains modern theories and real-world examples for a clear understanding of polymer function and development. This fully updated edition addresses new materials, applications, processing techniques, and interpretations of data in the field of polymer science. It discusses the conversion of biomass and coal to plastics and fuels, the use of porous polymers and membranes for water purification, and the use of polymeric membranes in fuel cells. Recent developments are brought to light in detail, and there are new sections on the improvement of barrier properties of polymers, constitutive equations for polymer melts, additive manufacturing and polymer recycling.

This textbook is aimed at senior undergraduate students and first year graduate students in polymer engineering and science courses, as well as professional engineers, scientists, and chemists. Examples and problems are included at the end of each chapter for concept reinforcement.

chapter 1|43 pages


chapter 3|42 pages

Step-Growth Polymerization

chapter 5|52 pages

Chain-Growth Polymerization

chapter 7|38 pages

Emulsion Polymerization

chapter 9|27 pages

Thermodynamics of Polymer Mixtures

chapter 10|23 pages

Theory of Rubber Elasticity

chapter 11|39 pages

Polymer Crystallization

chapter 12|31 pages

Mechanical Properties

chapter 13|40 pages

Polymer Diffusion

chapter 14|46 pages

Flow Behavior of Polymeric Fluids

chapter 15|55 pages

Polymer Processing