The Cube of Strategic Management: The Distinctive Advantage of Organizations is a trans-disciplinary book that introduces the author’s new business model of the geometrization of management. The author advocates that strategic management has to shift to include a science and technology perspective, to not only support business administration but also to make this scientific perspective an inherent part of management strategy building. The book spans the fundamental and the theoretical aspects and advances this new management model in response to the current and future 21st-century synergic interconnection needs in addressing management and marketing post-modern strategies.

The book is a quintessence of the historical theories of the various 8th fold ideas of management (Taylor, Drucker, Peters & Waterman, Covey) and applies them in an innovative new way. The author uses the cube and its 8 corners for the first time to represent 8 forms of the strategic management way of business, in that the 8 corners of a cube represent the competitive advantage of (any) organization.

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

Cubic Management of Inclusive Scientific Change