This book covers the technology of digital image processing in various fields with big data and their applications. Readers will understand various technologies and strategies used in digital image processing as well as handling big data, using machine-learning techniques. This book will help to improve the skills of students and researchers in such fields as engineering, agriculture, and medical imaging. 

There is a need to be able to understand and analyse the latest developments of digital image technology. As such, this book will cover:

·       Applications such as biomedical science and biometric image processing, content-based image retrieval, remote sensing, pattern recognition, shape and texture analysis

·       New concepts in color interpolation to produce the full color from the sub-pattern bare pattern color prevalent in today's digital cameras and other imaging devices

·       Image compression standards that are needed to serve diverse applications

·       Applications of remote sensing, medical science, traffic management, education, innovation, and analysis in agricultural design and image processing

·       Both soft and hard computing approaches at great length in relation to major image processing tasks

·       The direction and development of current and future research in many areas of image processing

·       A comprehensive bibliography for additional research (integrated within the framework of the book)

This book focuses not only on theoretical and practical knowledge in the field but also on the traditional and latest tools and techniques adopted in image processing and data science. It also provides an indispensable guide to a wide range of basic and advanced techniques in the fields of image processing and data science.

Part I  Concept and Background of Image processing, Techniques, and Big Data. Chapter 1. Introduction to Advanced Digital Image Processing. Chapter 2: Different Techniques Used for Image Processing. Chapter 3. Role and Support of Image Processing in Big Data. Part II Advanced Image Processing Technical Phases for Big Data Analysis. Chapter 4. Advanced Object Detection and Clustering Techniques Used for Big Data. Chapter 5: Advanced Image Segmentation Techniques Used for Big Data. Chapter 6: Advanced Image Compression Techniques Used for Big Data. Part III: Various Application of Image Processing. Chapter 7. Application of Image Processing and Data in Remote Sensing. Chapter 8. Application of Image Processing and Data Science in Medical Science. Chapter 9. Application of Image Processing in Traffic Management and Analysis. Chapter 10. Application of Image Processing and Data Science in Advancing Education Innovation. Chapter 11. Application of Image Processing and Data Science in Advancing Agricultural Design.