Sequence spaces and summability over valued fields is a research book aimed at research scholars, graduate students and teachers with an interest in Summability Theory both Classical (Archimedean) and Ultrametric (non-Archimedean).

The book presents theory and methods in the chosen topic, spread over 8 chapters that seem to be important at research level in a still developing topic.

Key Features

  • Presented in a self-contained manner
  • Provides examples and counterexamples in the relevant contexts
  • Provides extensive references at the end of each chapter to enable the reader to do further research in the topic
  • Presented in the same book, a comparative study of Archimedean and non-Archimedean Summability Theory
  • Appeals to young researchers and experienced mathematicians who wish to explore new areas in Summability Theory

The book is written by a very experienced educator and researcher in Mathematical Analysis particularly Summability Theory.