Volume of geometric objects plays an important role in applied and theoretical mathematics. This is particularly true in the relatively new branch of discrete geometry, where volume is often used to find new topics for research. Volumetric Discrete Geometry demonstrates the recent aspects of volume, introduces problems related to it, and presents methods to apply it to other geometric problems.

Part I of the text consists of survey chapters of selected topics on volume and is suitable for advanced undergraduate students. Part II has chapters of selected proofs of theorems stated in Part I and is oriented for graduate level students wishing to learn about the latest research on the topic. Chapters can be studied independently from each other.

  • Provides a list of 30 open problems to promote research
  • Features more than 60 research exercises
  • Ideally suited for researchers and students of combinatorics, geometry and discrete mathematics

part I|1 pages

Selected Topics

part II|1 pages

selected proofs