The field of ethics in science aims to improve the way the audience perceives science, and this unique workbook discusses the areas of ethics and scientific misconduct. It provides assessments and exercises for learners to work through in groups or alone. Completion of the workbook but especially the assessment and tests will earn the learner a certificate for scientific misconduct training compiled by the author, and the certificate is available from the author's own website. This volume is a companion to the author's published volume, Ethics in Science: Ethical Misconduct in Scientific Research, Second Edition and will appeal to undergraduates, graduates and even high school students.


  • A unique training workbook in ethics and good conduct, easliy accessible and user friendly
  • Unlike books in this area which mostly cover the theoretical foundations of ethics in science, here the author provides a practical workbook and ancillaries
  • Case studies and a PowerPoint presentation are provided and readers will receive a certificate of completion
  • There is a wealth of instructor resources available from the homepage
  • A knowledge of scientific misconduct is of utmost importance in an era of mass higher education