This book presents a passionate first-hand account of the development of the Home Sweet Home (H2S) radar systems during World War II. It provides numerous personal insights into the scientific culture of wartime Britain and details the many personal sacrifices, setbacks, and eventual triumphs made by those actively involved. Sir Bernard Lovell led the group that developed the H2S radar system to identify towns and other targets at night or during heavy cloud cover. H2S was successful during the attack on Hamburg in January 1943 as well as the air war against U-boats in the Bay of Biscay.

August 1939. Scone airport. St Athan.. Worth Matravers. Leeson House. AIS - the first centimetre AI (AI Mk VII/Mk VIII). Lock-follow AI (AIF/AISF/Mk IX AI). H^O2S - the background. The birth of H^O 2S - November 1st 1941. Halifax V9977. Life in Swanage 1940-42 (by Joyce Lovell). The last days in Swanage and the food queues of Great Malvern. The crash of the Halifax bomber. The meeting with the Prime Minister. Bennett and Renwick. Autumn 1942. January-February 1943. Centimetre ASV and the U-boats. The impact of the German NAXOS on centimetre ASV. H^O2S on Tank landing craft. The summer of 1943, destruction of Hamburg. H^O2 S on 3 centimetres (X-band) - the attacks on Berlin and Leipzig. H2S and the American 8th Bomber Command. The problems with H^O2 S in Bomber Command. Fishpond. Conflict with Bomber Command. The new versions of H^O2 S. July 1944. Naxos and H^O2S. D-Day. H^O2S and the Army. The U-boat Schnorkel. The last months of the war. Envoi -1991.