An easy-to-follow contemporary engineering economics text that helps making sound economic decisions without advanced mathematics.

This one-semester introduction to the fundamentals of engineering economics provides an overview of the basic theory and mathematics underlying operational business decisions that engineering technology, engineering, and industrial technology students will face in the workplace. A basic knowledge of economics empowers a manager to balance costs with production.

This new edition of Fundamentals of Economics for Engineering Technologists and Engineers is written in plain language. Concepts have been simplified and kept straightforward with an emphasis on "how to apply" economic principles.

Practical examples as a tool for managing business data and giving detailed analysis of business operations. throughout the text make good use of Microsoft Excel templates, provided on the book’s companion website, for students. Chapter-end exercises provide discussion and multiple-choice questions along with numerical problems, and a solutions manual and instructor resources is given for adopting instructors.

part I|1 pages


chapter Chapter 1|17 pages


chapter Chapter 2|21 pages


chapter Chapter 3|33 pages

Single Payment

chapter Chapter 4|33 pages

Multiple Payments

part II|1 pages


chapter Chapter 5|19 pages

Payback Period

chapter Chapter 6|45 pages

Time Value of Money

chapter Chapter 7|30 pages

Rate of Return

chapter Chapter 8|20 pages

Benefit-Cost Ratio

chapter Chapter 9|29 pages


part III|1 pages


chapter Chapter 10|35 pages


chapter Chapter 11|29 pages

Income Tax

chapter Chapter 12|48 pages

Replacement Analysis

chapter Chapter 13|17 pages

Break-Even Analysis

chapter Chapter 14|24 pages

Risk Analysis

chapter Chapter 15|27 pages

Other Considerations