The understanding and control of transport phenomena in materials processing play an important role in the improvement of conventional processes and in the development of new techniques. Computer modeling of these phenomena can be used effectively for this purpose. Although there are several books in the literature covering the analysis of heat tra

chapter Chapter 1|13 pages

Mechanisms of transport phenomena

chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

Governing equations for transport phenomena

chapter Chapter 3|7 pages

Similarities among three types of transport phenomena

chapter Chapter 4|11 pages

Basics of finite difference methods

chapter Chapter 5|25 pages

Steady state heat conduction

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

Transient heat conduction

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

Phase change problems

chapter Chapter 9|13 pages

Solution algorithms for fluid flow analysis

chapter Chapter 12|14 pages

Modelling of mould filling

chapter Chapter 13|33 pages

Modelling of microstructure evolution