Crossbar switch fabrics offer many benefits when designing switch/routers. This book discusses switch/router architectures using design examples and case studies of well-known systems that employ crossbar switch fabric as their internal interconnects. This book looks to explain the design of switch/routers from a practicing engineer’s perspective. It uses a broad range of design examples to illustrate switch/router designs and provides case studies to enhance readers comprehension of switch/router architectures. The book goes on to discuss industry best practices in switch/router design and explains the key features and differences between unicast and multicast packet forwarding architectures. This book will be of benefit to telecoms/networking industry professionals and engineers as well as researchers and academics looking for more practical and efficient approaches for designing non-blocking crossbar switch fabrics.

part 1|119 pages

Characteristics of Switch/Routers with Crossbar Switch Fabrics

chapter 1|44 pages

The Switch/Router

Integrated OSI Layers 2 and 3 Forwarding on a Single Platform

chapter 2|61 pages

Understanding Crossbar Switch Fabrics