This text emphasizes the intricate relationship between adaptive filtering and signal analysis - highlighting stochastic processes, signal representations and properties, analytical tools, and implementation methods. This second edition includes new chapters on adaptive techniques in communications and rotation-based algorithms. It provides practical applications in information, estimation, and circuit theories.

Series Introduction, Preface, 1. Adaptive Filtering and Signal Analysis, 2. Signals and Noise, 3. Correlation Function and Matrix, 4. Gradient Adaptive Filters, 5. Linear Prediction Error Filters, 6. Fast Least Squares Transversal Adaptive Filters, 7. Other Adaptive Filter Algorithms, 8. Lattice Algorithms and Geometrical Approach, 9. Rotation-Based Algorithms, 10. Spectral Analysis, ll. Circuits and Miscellaneous Applications, 12. Adaptive Techniques in Communications, Index